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5 killer ways to decrease Alexa Rank of your Blog/Website

November 14, 2014 SEO Tips 5 Comments

As an SEO, There are many ways to know a site’s popularity as we see the Page rank, Alexa rank, Moz rank etc. These are among the popular activities. However a good page rank matters for a website but the issue is that Google updates page rank after a long time(around 1 year). However a website’s Alexa rank can be greatly improved within a period of 1 to 3 months.

What is Alexa Rank :

Alexa is Improve Alexa Ranka subsidiary company of Amazon.com. It was working independently since 1996 unless Amazon.com adopted it in 1999. The Alexa rank is global/country-specific rank which shows the popularity of a website compare to all live websites. The Algorithm is based on the number of visitors hit a website having Alexa tool bar installed in their browser. Currently SRR is world’s 676,338th most popular website. This point should be clear that lower Alexa rank = better Traffic.

Importance of Alexa Rank :

Alexa Rank says much more about traffic. It gives rank to the websites which is recognized world wide. Also it is important to attract Advertisers who look to advertise there businesses. Lesser Alexa Rank = Better Business

How to check Alexa rank :

There are many ways to check a website’s Alexa rank, however the best and widely used way is to install Alexa rank tool bar in the browsers. If you would like to check via Online website, I will recommend Check Alexa rank. which is fast and easy to use.

Steps to improve Alexa Rank :

The point to be remembered is Alexa rank is mainly calculated by the number of visitors hit a website. These users have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Do you have a blog and want to improve the Alexa rank? have a look on these steps –

1. Unique content and Regular Updates – A regular updation is required in a blog so that more users visit the blog to resolve their queries.

2. Use Alexa Toolbar – you should install the Alexa toolbar in your browser. it will give you the good results.

3. Add Alexa Widget to your Website – you should add a small Alexa widget to the website. This process will give you benefits. if you don’t know how to add this widget then simply paste the below code in a side bar of a website or in Blog. You need to replace the url siterankresults.com with your blog url.

<a href=”http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/www.siterankresults.com”>siterankresults.com” type=”text/javascript”></script></a>

4. Share to social sites : Make your friend list on leading social sites and don’t forget to share the links on the pages, groups, communities and profiles.

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5. Off-page optimization : Some of the Off-page SEO process will give benefits specially if you are doing blog commenting and Social Bookmarking.

5 Comments to “5 killer ways to decrease Alexa Rank of your Blog/Website”

  1. Manik
    Hi There, Decreasing Alexa rank is not so easy for newbie. It's really takes long time for most of the new bloggers and webmasters. When they follow the proper techniques, they can do it easily. You mention here some great tips that's are really helpful. Thanks for the nice tips.
  2. mohammed
    Hi dude, pls highlight me more on these post, i really enjoy your post. these is a very good information . thanks for these wise post.
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  4. David
    Hi..nice post will try to implement these tips to decrease Alexa rank of my website..hope this works for me.

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