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Tips To Get Huge Traffic From Google Plus

November 6, 2014 SEO Tips, Social Media Tips Comments Off on Tips To Get Huge Traffic From Google Plus

Social Media Network is among the best Platform to get large number of visitors. I personally love to share my Blog’s latest posts on Facebook. it helps me to easily connect with my readers. I do share in some of the fb groups, page and off course on my timeline that helps me to get instant and large amount of traffic.

When you share a link on Facebook or Twitter, your followers can only see the content when they open there profile. However your Google plus followers can see the shared content in Google search results too. So if you have big network on Google plus, you can get good number of traffic through search results too.

Getting better traffic using Google+

Readers always want to like, comment or share only quality posts. So the basic mantra is that one should create high quality posts. however apart from this well known Mantra, one should follow the below tips to get better traffic on a website/blog.


1. Eye catchy headlines :

The headline is basically what displays in Google search result. It works as same as the title tag for Blogs. make it attention grabbing every time.

2. Styling the Posts :

A post should look good. there should be proper use of headings, Bold, Itallic, and Bullets. you can use * around the words to make your targeted keywords bold. (Example – *SEO*). Use _ if you would like to make a word Itallic. Also use hash tags as per requirements. to add people you can use + before the name.

3. Share images too :

Apart from sharing links and texts, don’t forget to share Images also. You can use a good headline along with some content. finally paste the link after 2-3 lines and then upload a beautiful Image. I am sure it will help to drive better traffic

4. Join Google+ Communities :

Join and Do share your content in important Google+ Communities. It will help you to cover a large number of targeted traffic.


Not only Google plus but all of popular Social Media sites can play  important role for driving quality traffic. All you need is to use them smartly.

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