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Track Events in Google Analytics

May 6, 2015 SEO Tips Comments Off on Track Events in Google Analytics

Event Tracking Google Universal Analytics; Complete Guide!

We all know how powerful Google Analytics is! We can track a website beyond our imagination. In this topic, we understand how to track with a webpage element like Videos, Images, links etc.

Note: By default Google Analytics doesn’t generate reports for page views for the events so if you wish to see the data, you need to go for event creation in GA.

What are Events?

Event is user interaction/activity on a website element. The element can be an Image, link, Video, Subscription form, Downloading Button, scrolling down a webpage etc.

Important: To track an element on a webpage, make sure that Google Analytics code is already installed and that is working.



How to setup Event Tracking in Google Universal Analytics

If you want to track Events on the web pages, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure GA analytics is working on the particular page. Add the code if you haven’t added it.
  2. Decide what Element to track
  3. Put the following code within the link of your website

ga(‘send’,’event’,’category’,’action’,’ label’, ‘value’)

Note: You need to change category and action tag as per your needs. Label and Value are not mandatory so you can remove these things and simply you can use the above code in following pattern.


Suppose you want to track a link <a href=”www.xyz.com”>XYZ</a> you need to add the codes as shown below –

<a href=”www.xyz.com” ga(‘send’,’event’,’XYZLink’,’Clicks’)>XYZ</a>

How to setup Event Tracking as goals in Google Analytics

For this, you need to follow the following steps-

  • Login to Google Analytics
  • Select your website
  • Click on Admin
  • In the right section, click on goals
  • Now Click on +NEW GOAL
  • You can select any option or you can click on custom and then press Next Step
  • Write Goal Description you want
  • In the type section choose event
  • In the goal details section, type category and Action name you used in the code. (if you have used label and Value, you can put the details otherwise leave it blank)
  • Finally click on Create Goal

How to check Event has been setup successfully

To check whether Event is working or not, you simply go to Google Analytics and in Real-Time section, you can select the conversions. Now click on webpage element, you will see the live report if setup is successful.

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