Through the results of studies performed, we know that over 70% of search engine users typically click on organically ranked results and not paid listings. At Site Rank Results “#1 SEO Company in World”, our goal is to make our clients’ sites easier to find by achieving a top ten ranking in search results with Google as well as other search engines. This is possible due to in-depth keyword and key phrase research as well as proper choice and use of the most ideal keywords and key phrases.



What Makes Us the World’s Best SEO Company

We use a proven process for search engine optimization, which has resulted in the sites we have optimized continually ranking ahead of those that belong to their competition. Although there are many other important reasons, with SEO we focus on two goals – first, to make the site easier to find on the internet and second, to attract the right visitors – new clients or buyers – to your site. We have consistently been able to meet these goals by adhering to a process that is both proven and exclusive to our company.

Our process begins with a low-level website analysis to find the challenges or errors that are preventing the site from performing well and appearing organically within the first page of search results with Google as well as other search engines,. With the knowledge obtained through the process of website analysis, we are able to select the perfect solution to overcome the challenges identified and maximize our efforts to deliver the results our client desired from search engine optimization.

We work with clients that are local, national, and worldwide to increase their online visibility and page rank in the market that they service or do business in. We tailor our world class SEO consultant services to the market your business serves to make sure you receive the best price and value on the services your site requires to make sure it is properly optimized. The SEO services and plans that we offer to our clients are void of services that will have no impact on their site or will not help them in achieving their desired results through search engine optimization. As a company, we strive to build lifetime customers by never forgetting our 3 core values – honesty, integrity, and our commitment to deliver results.



The first step of our World class SEO process is a low-level website analysis that consists of a thorough assessment of all areas of the site to show what steps we will need to take to properly optimize it, as well as any issues or errors within one of the many areas of the site that need addressed. This process typically takes 24-48 hours to complete and when completed, we give our clients with written, detailed report they are able to review with one of our expert SEO Consultants.

During this review, the Search Engine Optimization Consultant will explain the positives and negatives pertaining to your site, as well as share with you the necessary steps required to optimize your site and help you achieve first page ranking on Google.

At Site Rank Results, our goal is to aid you in not only achieving in online sales goals, but to exceed your expectations and help your business grow. As your trusted advisers, we are dedicated to delivering results so you will remain a CLIENT FOR LIFE!



In this section of your website analysis, we typically find the most issues and items to correct. We analyze everything – the layout and design of every page, the page and paragraph headers, the keywords and key phrases – otherwise known as long-tail keywords – for effectiveness and proper use, broken hyperlinks, the effectiveness of inbound and outbound links to your site, Meta description tags, URLs, content readability, and search engine compatibility – We even validate the HTML code and check for keyword use in HTML comments to find errors that can quickly and easily be corrected. More importantly, we can verify where your visitors are coming from and how much time they spend on each page.



We compare your site against your top competitors in your local, national, or worldwide market – or all that apply, to see how it compares in several categories. Global link popularity is one on the most crucial. However, the number of web pages linking to your site is not as important as the quality of the web pages that link to your site.

All major search engines take the quality and the context of the links into account. Search engines assume that your web page must offer relevant content if many sites link to it.



Not all ranking factors are weighted equally, and some cannot be taken into account because search engines do not show the necessary data. Rank Factor Performance is basically a scoring system that uses combination of cross-checks to rank your site. These factors are divided into five categories in their order of importance. The categories we assess are – Essential (highest ranked), Very Important, Important, Moderately Important, and Slightly Important.

Often a site will pass the assessment in the lower categories but fail miserably in the higher and most important categories, which can improve page rank tremendously.



Keyword and key phrase research is the process of researching data or trends in regards to keywords and key phrases. In order to optimize a site for a particular keyword, you need to find the keywords that are best for your site. Before selecting a keyword or phrase, it is necessary to find the search volume of keyword or phrase, and how competitive the keyword or phrase is to rank in the search results.

Once a keyword or phrase is selected they must be used properly and in a variety of ways. Keywords and phrases need to be in text throughout your site in key areas to ensure your site is thoroughly optimized.



On-Page Optimization is simply optimizing the content on each page of your website, which includes site structure, keyword density, tags, and other on-page factors such as the text, images, and links on each page.

Our On-Page Optimization process consists of 12 steps to insure each page of your site is fully optimized to receive the highest individual page rank possible. We improve the keyword density of each page, which is used to decide the relevancy of a web page to a specified keyword or phrase. The more relevant a web page is, the higher that page will rank with the search engines.



Once your site has been optimized, it will need to be crawled and re-indexed again. Our experts have the knowledge to properly submit your site to search engines and to improve the level that the content within your website is indexed. Once your site has been submitted, we will monitor the indexing process to insure each page has been indexed properly. Once this process has completed, we will perform a second Website Analysis.

Upon completed, one of our SEO Consultants will contact you to schedule an appointment to review your new Website Analysis Report with you. Although we have only completed the first phase to optimize your site, evidence of our performance should be reflected in a higher page rank at this time.

During this second consultation, we will check for any errors that still exist and identify the issues that are currently preventing your site from obtaining a higher page rank, and then review and explain the strategy and process we will use to further optimize your site.



We have mastered the art of link building and have an ever-growing assortment of techniques that we use to build links that achieve results. When a search engine changes the way they find search results, as Google did with their new algorithm, page rank will fluctuate as a direct result of the scoring system within the algorithm. As such, new methods and techniques of link building are required for the site to rank high.

If you are using another link building service, call us to compare. Our link building service builds inbound and outbound links according to the new algorithm used by Google and is designed to keep your site on the first page. If you are not currently a member or have never been a member of a link building service – subscribing to a link building service to continually build new links to your site is a critical element you need to keep your page rank high and on top of your competition.

Bottom line: If your site cannot be found on the first page of Google and your competition is – your lack of visibility is costing you money and losing business. We can change that in as little as 30 days. Contact us for more information.


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